First of all it should be mentioned that workers will be tested for Covid-19 before signing the employment contract. Subsequently, in order to reduce the risks of contamination and the spread of the virus, both the administrator and the workers must comply with the rules of this instruction:

- Workers shall inform the administrator if they have come into contact with people coming from abroad. In case of infection with Covid-19 the administrator shall contact the DSP (Public Health Services).

- Workers are advised to contact their general practitioner if they present symptoms of flu and cough.

- Workers shall come to work only if they do not have a fever and without any other cold symptoms.

- Avoid getting close to other people, when coughing you should cover your mouth or use a napkin, preferably disposable.

- The administrator shall provide workers with: disposable respiratory masks or protective face shields, protective glass or plastic screen at fixed workstations where they interact with other workers or customers / visitors, disposable protective gloves, substances for local surface disinfection.

- It is recommended to wash your hands as often as possible or use disinfectants (minimum 60% alcohol).

- It is not recommended to touch the eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

- It is recommended daily disinfection at work place, in locker rooms or any other spaces used during work.

- It is recommended daily disinfection of common rooms and common work areas, locker rooms, showers and toilets after the working day.

- It is recommended to ventilate the rooms as often as possible.

- Workers shall wear masks, gloves and glasses or shields when they are close to one or more people.

- Avoid forming groups of more than 3 people and keep a distance of 1.5 meters between you.

- Use a protective mask only if you suspect you are ill or if you are giving first aid.

- The use of respiratory masks is effective until they become wet. When the respiratory mask becomes wet it must be replaced.